Our Story

Curo started during the pandemic when we were all forced into our homes with a lot of time to contemplate our true passions and what we desire from our lives. As an avid golfer who took my first swing inspired by my Dad’s enthusiasm for the sport, and always a discerning customer when it comes to the fit and feel of clothing, my long-standing aspiration has been to establish a premium golf clothing brand. Covid-19 gave me the push I needed to take the leap! I know firsthand the difference that looking and feeling great can make to your game, and my hope for Curo is to create clothing that will be proudly worn on any course by everyday golfers and professionals alike


Curo has been a labour of love for the past two years. It has been such an exciting learning curve and much care and thought has gone into every step of the design and creating process. I have tested countless fabrics and cuts, partnering with sustainability experts and manufacturers who share the same vision and ethos. I have made many mistakes and been meticulous about correcting them and have never compromised on quality.


The ambition was to develop a core set of products in the Curo brand which will have longevity, so it was key that every detail of the “Block” range was just right! Our first products to launch have a fresh but classic feel with well-fitted, clean silhouettes, made from recycled, soft materials allowing golfers to feel smart and comfortable stepping up to the first tee. 


One of the most important parts of the game for me is the sense of camaraderie and friendship – spending many hours with wonderful people outside, on beautiful courses, laughing and connecting.  I hope to build a strong, vibrant Curo community, designing and making apparel to be enjoyed by people who share my passion for the beloved sport. 

Thank you for your support,